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Increase your visibility on is a leading international portal for trainee programs and internships. Students studying or with a degree want to find and compare different employers and trainee programs that is offered and matches their academic background. We offer you the opportunity to market your trainee program towards students and young professionals national or multinational.

Through your presentation page your company is presented towards our full career network towards new graduates and others that are seeking career opportunities. Contact us and we will tell you more.

We market ourselves regularly towards, universities, business schools, via student unions, career offices career fairs, Facebook and the internet via Google and other search engines.

Company Presentation Page

- Full presentation about your company and trainee program. Fact section with important dates such as last day for applying, start date of the program, contact details and direct link to your own trainee program micro site.
- Search words linked to your advertisement. Optimizing of your trainee advert towards search engines included in the service.
- Visibility on the start page 4 weeks prior to application deadline. You are exposed to all visitors of the site.
- Possibility to expose your program to students across the whole world.
- Direct link to your program page from your own website.

Premium Package
You can choose to book our Premium Packages and then your trainee program will be listed above all the other companies that only have base packages. The Premium Packages can be booked in Gold, Silver and Bronze level and gives you:
- Premium listing
- Banner advertisement for 2, 4 or 8 weeks
- Free video presentation of your company for the full year
- Possibility to add employee interviews
- Right to post multiple trainee programs during the year

Video Presentation
If you have a ready video presentation we can publish it in you Company Presentation Page, on the start page or under Video Presentation section.

Company Packages
Advertisement with is easy and can benefit your company in various ways. As a service, we are willing to promote your business and programs unique to your company, while also giving you the opportunity to reach a large number of university students and other businesses. Please contact us for more information:

Rate Cards

To find out more about the range of opportunities to market your Trainee/Graduate Programs and Company on, please download and view our Rate Card PDF's displayed below.

Basic Package
Rate Card PDF
Bronze Package
Rate Card PDF
Silver Package
Rate Card PDF
Gold Package
Rate Card PDF
Basic Package Rate Card PDF Bronze Package Rate Card PDF Silver Package Rate Card PDF Gold Package Rate Card PDF

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